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Students Tours / Educational Tours
for School, College and Educational Institutes

Imparting education is not just about sitting in a classroom, giving lessons, getting homework and theorizing infinitely about each and every topic of educational courses. Though it provides a good base for the child future, still realizing the practical and actual hand on experience of nature of lives, history, culture, human evolution, technical development, future progress and potentialIndia Student Tours, India School Student Tours, India College Student Tours, India Students Study Tours, India Educational Tours, India Student Tour Packages, India Student Travel Packages, India School Tours, India College Tours of existing ideas boosts the mind of every student for more innovative ideas and development of mind. The best way of discovering these aspects is to travel around and experience the world. 

Sikh Tourism has organised Student Group Tours and Educational Tours especially for School Students, College Students and student of professional institutes wherein we offer Students Tours mixed with fun, entertainment along with educational resources.

We offer special Student Tour group packages to students who want to travel around Punjab, Himachal and India. These Students Tours are arranged for school summer vacations, school educational research, adventure activities, Study tours, year end picnics, etc.  

We provide special all inclusive Student Travel Packages where the students get Train, local transport, accommodation, meals, sports activities, fun & entertainment in one cost and they do no have to worry about anything.

We ensure that Student Tours and Student Tour Packages provide the maximum benefits for a healthy and progressive development of students.Amritsar Student Tours, Amritsar School Student Tours, Amritsar College Student Tours, Amritsar Students Study Tours, Amritsar Educational Tours, Amritsar Student Tour Packages, Amritsar Student Travel Packages, Amritsar School Tours, Amritsar College Tours

At the moment, we have Student Tours and Student Travel Packages for :

* Delhi Amritsar Student Tours by Train.
* Delhi Amritsar Student Tours by Car.
* Delhi Shimla Student Travel Package.
* Delhi Kullu Manali Student Adventure Package.
* Delhi Punjab Sikh Culture Student Tours.

It is not the end of Student Tours, if you have your own idea, please let us know and we will extend our professional services to arrange the same for you.

So pack your bag & baggage and start for a Student Group Tour .....   

Book Students Tour .....



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